A thorough and passionate studio

About us

Since 2009, a dozen associates – photographers and retouchers – have been hard at work making your photographs creative. As specialists in still lifes and packshots, we know how to showcase your products, regardless of their complexity: transparency, metallic parts, macro photography, effects of matter…

What’s the bond between us?
Our love for work well done and the enjoyment of working together, plus a good helping of humor!

The studio was founded in 2009 by Dominique Amphonesinh, an award-winning photographer (Hasselblad Masters Award in 2007, among others). Dominique was always passionate. He was our driving force, filled with boundless energy, unfailing positivity and a touch of recklessness. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2016. Ever since then, we’ve done our very best to pass on the values he instilled in us.

The ingredients of our success


that’s our key, unifying theme. Whether it’s the associates that we choose to work with, the precision equipment that we invest in, or the proposals that we make, we’re obsessed with your satisfaction!


we communicate clearly and honestly. You know from the get-go how we can help you and how soon we can do it. No false promises. We keep our word!

The Human Factor

no project is a success without lending an extra-attentive ear to your needs. We’re a partner you can lean on to make your projects successful. Plus, when you come to our studio, we’ll welcome you with a mean cup of coffee. Because with us, thoroughness and friendliness can go hand-in-hand.

«Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.»


Our team

Jérôme Nguy

Manager / Director of Production

Having come to the studio as a young intern, Jérôme has gone on to become an assistant, then photographer, retoucher, head of production and now he’s the manager. He owes that climb to his love for work well done, not to mention his yummy, ladle-molded, raw-milk cheese.

Gilles Desmier


Gilles solves all kinds of problems, both technically and ingeniously. Want to photograph your products in the rays of the setting sun on a beach in Bali? He can do it in Clichy. Carbon footprint = (almost) 0.

Olivier Cuvelette

Experienced Photographer

Ever since he was 10 and caught the photography bug, Olivier has focused on capturing amazing images and making things even more breathtaking and extraordinary.

Sébastien Bogliolo


Work in progress

Fabien Paquet

Retouching Project Manager – Graphic Designer

Despite appearances, this tall, dark and slightly surly guy wields a stylus much like Klimt caressed his canvases.

Céline Oriard

Rigorous Retouching Project Manager

Organization and rigor are her key words. Goodbye to hidden dust and clipping paths that don’t fit the product snugly. Perfection guaranteed.

Stéphanie Raby

Retouching Project Manager

Why were the apple and orange alone?
• Because the banana split! •
You can meet up with Stéphanie on Tuesday nights at Point Virgule. Otherwise, in the daytime, she diligently retouches your photographs with heaps of precision.

Agathe Bouteiller

photo retoucher

Work in progress

Photo retoucher

Work in progress

Aurélie Mustivar

Excecutive assistant

Work in progress

Lilie Peschard

Apprentice photographer

Châu-Vy Nguyen

Apprentice community manager

Our studio

Our studio is located just a stone’s throw from the Seine river, in Clichy, at the heart of a bustling neighborhood in full transformation. We work in a 400-square-meter studio, which includes a main 200-square-meter set for photoshoots, a post-production area, a fully-equipped kitchen and a good coffee maker!


PS: If you’re a clipping service located abroad, there’s no point in contacting us. We already have a great team of very efficient retouchers.